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Automatic Mobility Scooters for Seniors

Devices or equipment’s that are designed for the purposes of assisting individuals in walking is a mobility aid. An example of mobility aid is the mobility scooters that is commonly used by seniors or elderly people. Those who are disabled also use mobility scooters. A motor scooter is a modification of the mobility scooter which is the equal of a wheel chair. An electric scooter or power operated scooter are the other names that are used to refer to a mobility scooter.

The working of a mobility scooter is that it requires battery to be powered. The battery is stored on the board of the scooter and its charged through an onboard battery charger unit from standard electric power. The size and capacity of the mobility scooter is that it contains one seat, handle bars, foot plates for feet and three or more wheels.

Mobility scooters are classified based on their size and the function purpose. Based on size the scooter types include; mid-range scooters, slow and steady scooters, large, heavy scooters and small, light scooters. As for function; small, light scooters are used for the purpose of traveling, mid-range scooters are used for both indoor and outdoor use, slow and steady scooters are used for shopping in markets while large, heavy scooters are used for rough outdoor terrain. There are advantages of using a mobility scooter and one of them is helping people that don’t have stamina or arm -shoulder flexibility. Swiveling of the seat is easier by using mobility scooters as compared to wheelchairs.

Individuals with systemic or whole body disabling conditions but can still able to walk, sit upright and control the steering tiller are assisted using mobility scooters. Powered wheelchairs are quite expensive in comparison to mobility scooters and are not considered as being relative to disability. Some limitations are experienced by using mobility scooters. Having upper body movement and strength, shoulder and hand strength and an upright posture is required of an individual which is a limitation.

Mobility scooters don’t provide body support such as head or leg rest. In addition to limitations is that mobility scooters have longer lengths which limits their turning radius and ability to use some lifts. Not only do mobility scooters make it hard in accessing some lifts but also reaching of door knobs. To add on the limitations experienced by mobility scooters, some have low ground clearance making it difficult to move around various obstacles.

Certain tips need to be checked when choosing a mobility scooter. One of the aspects is the fit purpose in which an individual needs to measure the seat height and the flat area allows for the knee to bend at ninety degrees.

Individuals should not curve their backs in order to reach the tiller and that the listed scooter weight can support their weight. In terms of control as the factor an individual needs to know operation of a tiller while at the same time apply some pressure in order to move. Expert consultation allows for acquiring the best scooter.

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